Organizing the Diva

I think I’ve established my vanity. I’m a diva. I can’t help it. Thankfully, there are plenty of people who understand this, and cater to girls just like me. People who say, “It’s okay, girlfriend. I understand you hoard nail polish and MAC brushes. I’m here to help.”

Every time I see one of Whacky Whimsy’s products I squeal with delight. My nail polish collection is out of control and it’s shoved into a rubbermaid bucket and a cute little woven basket I got at Target for a whopping $3. My nail polish remover is on one of my bookcases and I’m pretty sure my cat has batted away all the cotton balls to ever exist in my house ever.

So aside from it’s cool little nooks and crannies and the double tiered shelves, these nail polish racks come in just about any colour you’d like! Dawn & Mr. Crow also offer a variety of sizes so if your collection is big or small, you can store it all.

Okay, so I don’t actually have any counter space to put this on, but hello! I may have blogged this previously, but oh me, oh my. The sleekness of this minimal design has me drooling every time I see it.

Not into makeup? For the foodie, how about some handcrafted serving tools?

Leo and Hannah are from Austria, which I think is the coolest thing because I love to see what people around the world are creating.

We are often told that less is more, but in some cases, such as these, things can be both Less & More. 🙂

Stay Inspired!


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It’s happened! My Etsy Bestie & I are tied in sales in our Etsy shops! How much fun is that? To celebrate we are holding a little contest because why not?

We want YOU to break the tie!

Le Chat Noir by Dreamlike Design Vanilla Coconut Scented Candle by FriendlyFireCandles

Whoever is the lucky person to make the tie-breaking purchase from either of our shops will receive a free gift with their order. We won’t tell you what it is, but we’ll be choosing something extra special.

The fact is, we know how hard it is to resist Kay’s stunning photo jewelry. (Seriously. She’s a photographer and a jewelry designer? Get out.)

Or even my very own titillating home fragrance. (Seriously. The bows.)

Being mid-September, now is the perfect time to start stocking up on those holiday fragrances, Christmas gifts, and stocking stuffers. Why not head over to Dreamlike Design or Friendly Fire Candles and see if anything tickles your fancy?

Whether you’re looking for a cute fashion ring

Oh look, I already own one!

Oh look, I already own one!

Or you’re looking to try out something new

Sample Pack: 5 Mini candles

Sample Pack: 5 Mini candles

We’re happy to have you!

Now go break that tie!

Stay inspired!

Frenchie (and Kay!)

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